Red-tail Nature Preserves [testing page]

Wander trails, discover wildlife, and take joy in exploring forests, prairies, rivers and wetlands.

Red-tail Land Conservancy protects over 2,700 acres of natural areas in east central Indiana including 15 nature preserves. Many of our nature preserves are always open to the public. Others can be visited during special events or by appointment. Click the icons below to learn more about each preserve. Download the Nature Trail Guide or contact our office to request printed copies.

Visitation Guidelines:

Please help maintain these sanctuaries in their natural state. Please contact us if there are management issues.

  • Open from sunrise to sunset
  • Always stay on the trail
  • No restroom facility or drinking water is available
  • Pets must remain on a leash
  • All trash and dog waste must be packed out
  • Plants and wildlife must be left undisturbed
  • Placement of geocaches by permission only
  • Hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, horseback riding, cycling and vehicles of all kind are strictly prohibited