About Us

Red-tail Land Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that protects and connects habitats where wildlife and people thrive together.

As a nonprofit organization, we are funded entirely by private contributions from individuals, business, and foundations. The woodlands, wetlands and grasslands we protect from development and the effects of climate change are preserved forever. Our mission focuses on six counties in east central Indiana: Delaware, Henry, Madison, Randolph, Tipton and Wayne counties.

In 2020, we have permanently protected over 2,700 acres of land. Red-tail uses land we own to create nature preserves, many of which are open to the public. These preserves include diverse woodlands, vital wetlands and vulnerable grasslands. Endangered and threatened plant and animal species have been found in these preserves. They have walking trails and wildlife viewing areas to promote connections with nature through outdoor recreation.

Protecting land also takes the form of conservation agreements with landowners. We offer options to help landowners achieve their conservation vision. The options to protect their land may include a conservation agreement, a land donation, an estate gift, or a purchase. Many of these options provide tax benefits as well.

Our Mission

Red-tail Land Conservancy preserves, protects, and restores natural areas and farm land in east central Indiana while increasing awareness of our natural heritage.

Pictured Above: Agricultural fields surround a forest that remained undisturbed through 200 years of development. This parcel of woodlands has been protected by Red-tail.

Our Vision

By preserving and restoring the dynamic vitality of forests, prairies, and wetlands, Red-tail Land Conservancy plans for a future where the natural beauty and unique habitats of east central Indiana will exist for generations to come.

Our Origins

The first meeting, held at Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie, IN, in 1999, attracted 87 people. Since the creation of the first conservation easement in July 2000, we have steadily grown in the amount of land we protect and the number of people active in conservation. Beginning with a single volunteer acting as Executive Director, Red-tail has since expanded our impact to require a small paid staff.