Red-tail’s Forever Society

Naming Red-tail in your will is a planned gift for the land, forever.

As you think about the past and ponder your vision for the future, you may be considering how you can make a significant difference for the wildlife, forests, wetlands, rivers, and grasslands that you love in east central Indiana.

Red-tail Land Conservancy’s commitment to protect and care for the land is forever. Naming Red-tail in your will can help secure the future of the Conservancy’s work while providing valuable tax benefits and/or income for yourself or others.

“Legacy giving” (also known as “planned giving”) refers to future charitable gifts that require some planning now, before they are made. These could include bequests made in a will, naming Red-tail Land Conservancy as a life insurance beneficiary, or using tax-wise giving options such as charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts.

Making a planned gift is one of the best ways to meet your family’s philanthropic and estate planning goals while creating a personal conservation legacy. You have the satisfaction of knowing that your values and your love of nature will live on long after you. In any planned giving, be sure to consult an attorney or financial professional.

As recognition for your planned gift, you become a member of Red-tail’s Forever Society, a community of like-minded conservation supporters who believe in preserving vital habits and natural beauty for people and wildlife to thrive.

If you have already named Red-tail Land Conservancy in your estate planning documents, please let us know so we may thank you and add you to our list of Forever Society Members.

Red-tail Land Conservancy is your partner in protecting precious natural areas. Contact Julie Borgmann, Executive Director, at or (765) 288-2587 to start a conversation about planned giving to leave a legacy for the land, forever.

Information to share with your Advisors

  • Red-tail Land Conservancy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
  • Address: P.O. Box 8 Muncie, IN 47308
  • Phone: (765) 288-2587
  • Federal Tax ID number: 34-1889427

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