Gifts of Land

The natural areas and farm land that Red-tail preserves are permanently protected. Red-tail’s name will always be on the deed, meaning these lands can never be developed or transferred.

Red-tail accepts land in the following categories:

Nature Preserves – Nature preserves are areas managed to preserve ecological integrity. They are kept in a pristine condition or undergo habitat restoration to improve the quality of the ecosystem. These natural areas are preserved because they provide vital habitat for wildlife, create corridors of greenspace, buffer waterways, support biodiversity and imperiled species, or fulfill criteria in Red-tail’s Strategic Conservation Plan.

Protected Farm Land – Red-tail can protect working lands that have ecological benefits other than natural features or offer financial benefits through production.

Transferable Properties – Transferable properties are not protected by Red-tail. In support of our conservation work, these properties are designated to be sold for financial gain or transfer at Red-tail’s discretion.

Full and partial donations of land can provide tax benefits to the landowner.

Red-tail’s Board of Directors must approve all gifts of land. For more information on how your land can support conservation in east central Indiana, contact Julie Borgmann, Executive Director, at or (765) 288-2587.

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