Phyllis and Frank Yuhas Woods

In November of 2004, Red-tail’s Executive Director received a call from a farmer in southern Randolph County about a 1,000 acre farm that was being auctioned off. This farmer told of a forest covered in white flowers that contained a section of Cabin Creek. Upon inspection, Red-tail discovered one of the highest quality upland woods and riparian wetlands complex in East Central Indiana. This discovery was made just three weeks before the forest was to be auctioned off as part of a farm sale.

Red-tail immediately started pursuing funding for this parcel from national organizations. However, due to lack of an appraisal, time of the year, and other factors, these organizations were unable to procure the funding. RLC then went to Star Press writer, Seth Slaybaugh, who published the story of the forest on a Monday morning, just 8 days before the auction was to take place. That same day, Red-tail received a call from Phyllis Yuhas who, after reading the story, asked to visit the site. During this visit she pledged $200,000 to help purchase the site.

The next day, RLC received a call from Danny Huston, who did likewise. Before the end of the week, Doug Owdendy pledged $100,000. This enabled RLC to attend the auction with a half a million dollars to purchase this magnificent woodland. In a well-attended auction, Red-tail successfully purchased this site. Once again RLC’s reputation as a professional and trustworthy land trust organization brought about the support of the community to preserve this flagship location for Red-tail.


Acres: 83

Accessibility: Limited to Private Tours and Special Events

Features: Hiking Trails, Upland Woods, Wetlands, Wildflowers

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