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Wildflower Celebration is a brilliant display of spring and nature

FARMLAND, Ind., April 25, 2023 – Red-tail Land Conservancy invites the community to enjoy one of east central Indiana’s best displays of spring wildflowers at their Wildflower Celebration on Sunday, May 7 from 1pm-4pm at Phyllis and Frank Yuhas Woods near Farmland, IN.

Phyllis and Frank Yuhas Woods is a pristine forest that has remained generally undisturbed from development for 200 years. This nature preserve is closed to the public except for special events; open for less than 8 hours annually.

Each spring, the forest floor is blanketed with many different types of colorful wildflowers including Red and White Trillium, Trout Lilies, Blue Phlox, and Spring Beauties. In addition to a display of flowers, visitors will see old-growth trees, a wetland, and an overlook of Cabin Creek.

“Everywhere you look is a rainbow of wildflowers,” said Kelley V. Phillips, Red-tail’s Communications and Outreach Manager. “The songbirds, woodpeckers, and frogs create a lively springtime chorus.”

Visitors to the Wildflower Celebration can explore the woods at their own pace anytime from 1pm-4pm. To enhance their self-guided exploration, Red-tail will provide a family-friendly wildflower scavenger hunt and information table to help event attendees identify wildflowers they see. Red-tail is also offering guided tours at 1:30pm and 2:30pm led by expert botanists.

“The Wildflower Celebration is a rare and beautiful opportunity to wander a living museum,” said Phillips. “Red-tail is delighted to provide the spectacular experience of a forest waking up from winter and bursting with life.”

Red-tail is not requiring registration for this free event. They recommend bringing a camera to record the beauty of springtime woods. Removing flowers or any other natural item from this nature preserve is prohibited. Event details, directions, and parking can be found at


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