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Red-tail partners with local orgs. to restore osprey nesting platform

NEW CASTLE – Earlier this spring, Red-tail Land Conservancy partnered with Henry County REMC and Robert Cooper Audubon Society to repair the osprey nesting platform located at Red-tail Nature Preserve, near Selma. This allowed the iconic birds of prey a safe place to lay eggs as nesting season began. 

In the mid-2000s, Red-tail Land Conservancy and Robert Cooper Audubon Society collaborated to install an osprey nesting platform in the prairie at Red-tail Nature Preserve, located adjacent to the fish-rich waters of Prairie Creek Reservoir. Ospreys found this wildlife sanctuary an ideal habitat for breeding and raising their young. Since 2022, a breeding pair of ospreys has returned annually to this nesting platform to raise young.

In late March, a Robert Cooper Audubon Society member observed some deterioration of the osprey nesting platform. With ospreys already seen hunting at the reservoir and surveying the nesting site, immediate action was required. Consultation with an Indiana Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist confirmed that repairing the platform without delay was critical.

Henry County REMC and Robert Cooper Audubon Society quickly responded to Red-tail’s need for a crew and equipment to help safely reinforce the platform. Remarkably, the ospreys observed the repairs from a nearby tree and returned to the platform soon after work was completed. 

“Red-tail Land Conservancy extends heartfelt gratitude to Robert Cooper Audubon Society and Henry County REMC for their swift and effective action,” said Kelley V. Phillips, Red-tail’s Assistant Director. “Their rapid response to restore the osprey nesting platform showcases our collective dedication to protecting and maintaining critical wildlife habitats.”

In the fall, when the osprey have migrated away from Indiana, Red-tail will again assemble a crew to help install a new platform.

The public can see these osprey by visiting Red-tail Nature Preserve. Red-tail Land Conservancy officials remind visitors that these ospreys are wild animals and should be observed from a distance. Directions to the nature preserve can be found at


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