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Red-tail Volunteers Plant Trees in Randolph Co. Nature Preserve

FARMLAND, Ind., Apr. 26, 2024–On Sat, April 20, volunteers from across east central Indiana gathered at McVey Memorial Forest near Farmland to plant over 250 trees. Red-tail Land Conservancy presented the event in partnership with Heintzelman Hardwood Floors and Plant Roots Foundation to recognize Earth Day, jumpstart forest restoration, and empower community members to build deeper connections with nature.

This Earth Day Tree Planting is part of an annual tree planting that Red-tail offers each April to celebrate Earth Month. Volunteers included individuals, families, and high school and college students. “I was so excited that Red-tail’s Earth Day tree planting was at our beautiful McVey Memorial Forest right here in Randolph County this year,” said Julie Smiley, Science Department Chair and teacher at Winchester High School and Red-tail Board Member. “Seeing families with young kids come to plant trees and watch them grow gives me hope for the future. Those young kids will be able to hike at McVey for years to come, watch their trees grow, and share stories with their own kids about how they helped make that happen.”

McVey Memorial Forest is a 240-acre nature preserve located north of Farmland protected and cared for by Red-tail Land Conservancy. The trees were planted as an extension of an existing hardwood forest. Newly planted oaks, hickories, and black cherry trees will grow to connect two sections of forests over the coming decades. They will provide shelter for wildlife, improve air quality, and trap carbon as they mature. “Participating in this fantastic event left me feeling more connected to nature and the community. I’m excited about the future food and wildlife habitat those trees will provide in the coming years,” said Amber Burress, a volunteer who attended the event.

Trees not planted that day were given to the volunteers to grow in their yards and properties. “We are grateful to our volunteers and partners,” said Kelley V. Phillips, Red-tail’s Assistant Director. “Together, we can supply native trees to the habitats which need them the most across Indiana and involve all Hoosiers in caring for the land.”

Photo credit: Elle Kreamer


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