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Nature can remedy some effects of staying home.
Think Outside the House!

Even though you and your family may be staying home, spring outdoors with us to stay engaged with your surroundings. This page will be updated as resources become available–check back often! If you have photos of ways you’re keeping entertained, be sure to tag us @fortheland #springoutdoors.
Start your adventure with Reddy’s Neighborhood Naturalist Challenge!

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Exploration goes hand-in-hand with virtual education

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More time at home increases personal energy use and trash production

  • After working remotely, shut down your computer and unplug idle electronics
  • Set up your home office or homeschool learning area in natural light
  • Be sure your ceiling fans are turning clockwise in the colder weather
  • Wear layers to keep your furnace or a/c from running all day
  • Make sure you are recycling as much as possible! Click here for a PBS video to help with any recycle-or-not dilemmas.

Hunkering down can feel like you are cooped up

  • Our nature preserve trails are open! Head to Dutro-Ernst Woods or Red-tail Nature Preserve if you like a wide trail. For full nature immersion in a waking woods, visit McVey Memorial Forest or White River Woods.  Click here to begin your adventure.
  • Visit Craddock Wetlands, Minnetrista’s grounds, and Dutro-Ernst Woods for nature walks in Muncie
  • Discover 70+ places in Indiana to get outdoors while practicing social distancing
  • Make your backyard a kid-friendly yoga studio
  • Have close encounters with birds on the Indiana Birding Trail
  • Claim your deed to a piece of an Indiana park, then visit your land near the Cope Environmental Center.

Puttering around can be productive

  • Volunteer solo! In between the times Red-tail holds stewardship events, you could pick up trash or pull invasive plants
  • Get a head start on your garden by sprouting seeds inside to transplant later in the spring
  • Make a bird feeder out of recycled materials
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Sometimes you just need good news


Screen-time has skyrocketed

  • Dig in to a nature themed reading list. Click here for a comprehensive list with topics from plants and animals to conservation and memoirs in multiple genres. We recommend, “The Nature Fix” by Florence Williams, “Wild” by Cheryl Stayed, “Bringing Nature Home” by Doug Tallamy and “H is for Hawk” by Helen Macdonald.
  • Try any of these 44 nature book recommendations for kids
  • Try your hand at journaling or art. Step out of studio and take a look around.
  • Listen to National Park Road Trip radio or Red-tail’s curated Love of Nature playlist
  • Immerse yourself in peaceful, nature-rich sound recordings by

Social distancing does not need to be isolating

  • Join iNaturalist! Essentially, it is a social network of people who share biodiversity observations to help each other learn about nature. You can join national data collection projects, add to global data repositories, and share your findings with other amateur and professional naturalists. The app is easy to use, so you can record as you explore.
  • Become a citizen scientist as a GLOBE Observer by submitting photos of atmospheric conditions in your area. You’ll be part of a world-wide effort in collecting data to complement NASA’s satellite observations.
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But if you have to stay indoors…