Steve Swoveland Nature Preserve

Steve Swoveland Nature Preserve is a vibrant wetland. In the spring, hundreds of frogs can be heard singing. Salamanders, turtles, and even minks can be spotted. Dozens of bird species frequent the preserve, flitting among the sky-high cottonwood trees. Visitors should be aware that the mowed trail can be soft or partially submerged in water. 

Located within the city limits of Hagerstown, the disturbed area was saved from the bulldozer through the passionate efforts of nearby resident, Steve Swoveland. Thousands of trees have been planted in the river valley area to help it return to its natural state.

Steve Swoveland was a devoted conservationist, advocate and steward of wetlands–a critical habitat that many don’t understand. To Steve, a wetland’s beauty is more than rich dark soils and leaves of a thousand green hues. He knew that they are the most important ecosystem for the health of waterways and spent his personal and professional life pursuing their well-being and protection. 


Acres: 46

Accessibility: Open to the Public

Features: Parking across the street at ball field, mowed trails (approximately 1 mile)

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