Shop for Red-tail

Purchases from stores you already visit can support Red-tail Land Conservancy.

By shopping as usual, some of the proceeds you create can rebuild wildlife habitat and increase public access to nature. Each retailer has unique a process to ensure proceeds benefit Red-tail. Be sure to check out each one. 

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A Brush With Nature – Soar through the seasons and over the landscape like a red-tail hawk with a series of paintings by the Union City Plein Air Artists inspired by the forests, prairies and wetlands protected forever by Red-tail Land Conservancy.

Each painting is accompanied with a poem and small fact about the wildlife whose habitats are illustrated. The lyrical narrative and myriad range of painting styles and subjects makes this book a sensory exploration of nature for all ages.

“A Brush with Nature” is brought to you from the imagination of Laurie Lunsford and the Union City Plein Air Artists. It is available for purchase on Amazon. A portion of each sale benefits Red-tail Land Conservancy.

At Kroger/Payless stores, funds are donated to Red-tail Land Conservancy at no added cost to you when you sign up for Kroger Rewards. Once you sign up at the link below, shopping as you normally would supports Red-tail at the same time. 

Click below to learn more and sign up.