For wildlife. For you. For the land.

Red-tail Land Conservancy protects, preserves, and restores vital habitats and natural beauty where wildlife and people thrive.

Our mission is to preserve, protect, and restore natural areas and farmland in east central Indiana while increasing awareness of our natural heritage. By strategically connecting critical forests, prairies, wetlands, and waterways, Red-tail Land Conservancy plans for a future where wildlife have the habitats they need to flourish with public access for all to enjoy.

Wander trails, discover wildlife, and take joy in exploring forests, prairies, rivers and wetlands.

Red-tail Land Conservancy protects 2,800 acres of vibrant natural areas in east central Indiana including 16 beautiful nature preserves. Many of our nature preserves are open to the public. Others can be visited during special events.

Recent Updates

Fireflies light up the night

While their glowing abdomens are a source of wonder and joy, there is much more to these fascinating creatures than their enchanting lights…

The Magic of Moss

Moss shows us that the world is filled with, and is made possible by, much smaller beings than us. To enjoy that beauty and wonder, all we have to do is take a moment to observe…

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Featured Programs

Wildlife Warriors

Does your child like to explore and learn about the outdoors? Wildlife Warriors is a monthly, year-long nature club guided by local biologists for kids ages 10-15 that explores wildlife, plants, outdoor skills, and conservation. Hands-on learning, nature play, field experience, volunteerism, and wildlife interaction are core to the program.   

Indiana Master Naturalist

Looking to learn more about Indiana’s natural resources and deepen your connection with nature? The Indiana Master Naturalist program brings together natural resource scientists and professionals with adult learners to foster an understanding of our state’s ecosystems and natural history. This program offers citizen science and volunteer opportunities.

Growing Home™ Habitat Certification

Bring birds, bees, and butterflies to your pocket nature preserve! Growing Home is a backyard habitat program that offers tools for individuals and organizations in east central Indiana to transform their yard into a place that attracts and supports wildlife. These outdoor spaces can be certified as a healthy habitat by botanical specialists.

You have a connection to the land you care for and own.

The land nourishes us, creates opportunities to make a living, and provides for wildlife. The land holds a special value to you and your family. But society puts a price on the land that can make landowners like you need to decide between conservation or other uses like development or production. We can help you plan for the future of your land.