Growing Home™ Certified Habitat Yard Sign

Congratulations on having your habitat certified!

As a member of the Growing Home™ community, you are eligible to purchase a certified habitat yard sign for $30 (includes shipping). It shows that your outdoor space has been certified by Red-tail Land Conservancy as a habitat that contains the essential elements for wildlife to thrive. It’s an attractive and delightful addition to any yard or garden. Your beautiful space deserves recognition!

Please complete the form on this page to purchase your Growing Home™ Certified Habitat yard sign. If you have questions about purchase or delivery, please email Kelley V. Phillips at or call (765) 288-2587.

From all of us at Red-tail and the Growing Home™ Committee, congratulations on your achievement!

Yard signs will be shipped via USPS. If purchased in August, you will receive it by the 1st of September. This 8×10 inch sign is made of durable PVC-coated metal with two holes for attachment. It is rust-resistant and easy to clean.


Order Your Yard Sign!

The purchase price includes shipping. Proceeds benefit Red-tail’s projects like Growing Home™.