Reddy Red-tail’s DIY Summer Camp


Summer has arrived and you know what that means… it’s time for camp!

With many families opting to stay close to home this year, Reddy Red-tail wants to help you host a DIY summer camp. Use a backyard, neighborhood park or any of Red-tail’s 10 public nature preserves near you!

Serve butterflies a snack

Help butterflies fuel up! Mix mashed fruit, sugar and water in a shallow bowl or plate. Place it in in a sunny spot and wait for butterflies to stop for a snack. Reddy Red-tail’s Nature Journal- Summer Edition has more great ideas and nature facts to quench your curiosity.

Chalk it up!

Reddy’s Daily Nature Play Calendar has a different activity for every day of July to encourage kids to play outdoors. On July 13, build something that floats! On July 24, see how many times you can hop like a frog! And July 20 will have you creating a chalk masterpiece!

Let the forest be your coloring guide

Spring and fall are known for being colorful, but summer landscapes are vibrant too. On Reddy’s coloring page, use the space outside the lines to add a full backdrop. Visit a Red-tail nature preserve for inspiration.

Go Mothing!

Discover night-time pollinators by hanging a white sheet next to a light source. Start while the sun is setting and keep the sheet hanging into the night. Bonus round: count how many different types of moths you see.

Write wildlife poetry

Reddy Red-tail will be the first to tell you: wildlife have a point of view. Why not try to see the world through their eyes? Pick up a free nature journal at our office this summer to start your poetic experience! Just Contact Us.

Dance like nature’s watching

First, find an object in nature. It could be living, like a plant or animal, or not living, like a rock or creek. Study it for 1-2 minutes. Look at it closely and view it from far away. Touch, smell and listen to it. Then, release any shyness and let your body move to illustrate your observation experience.

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