The role of the Corporate Council of Red-tail Conservancy is to strengthen and further the mission of conserving ecologically significant areas in east central Indiana. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our regional community by helping to preserve the natural heritage of the land.

PARTNERSHIP: The Corporate Council forms a partnership with the Board of Directors of Red-tail Land Conservancy to help find balance between development, expansion, and the preservation of land.

INVESTMENT: The Corporate Council, through its membership donations, helps to ensure the ability of Red-tail Land Conservancy to acquire threatened or significant tracts of land when necessary, and to maintain appropriate levels of monitoring on conservation easements.

EDUCATION: The Corporate Council, with its understanding of the values and mission of Red-tail Land Conservancy, helps to inform the public of the purpose and urgency of land conservation.

COMMUNICATION: The Corporate Council provides networking opportunities for Red-tail Land Conservancy by utilizing the diversity of resources available from the corporate community.

If your company is interested in becoming a member of Red-tail’s Corporate Council, contact us or call 765-288-2587.

Current Corporate Council Members:

Old National Wealth Management
DeFur Voran
FlatLand Resources