Strategic Conservation Plan

The rivers, woods, wetlands, and wildlife that make up east central Indiana are precious and irreplaceable.

Red-tail has been preserving land and connecting people to these natural areas for 20 years. The problems facing our natural world and all living things within it are escalating at a rate where we have limited time and resources to protect them.

With encroaching urban development and a changing climate, a rapidly approaching conservation deadline means we must narrow our focus to protect the most vulnerable and critical lands.

To ensure we have the highest positive impact with our limited resources, Red-tail is developing a Strategic Land Conservation Plan throughout 2020. This plan will create a laser-focused vision and allow us to be more proactive in conserving significant habitats east central Indiana.

Our Board of Directors has developed protection priorities and goals to guide our decisions. Working with a consulting ecologist, we have incorporated these priorities into maps to identify the vital areas to protect.

Land trusts with conservation plans protect more than twice the land than those without plans. Expanding development and a changing climate compels our sense of urgency to conserve sensitive local habitats. This plan will guide our work to increase the pace of protection and capacity for land conservation.

Full plan and maps will be available in 2021.