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DIY Garlic Mustard Eradication Project

April 25 - May 13
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From April 24 through May 13, visit Dutro-Ernst Woods, White River Woods, and Fall Creek Woods whenever is convenient for you and start pulling Garlic Mustard!

Put the Garlic Mustard plant (roots and all!) into a trash bag (not provided) or directly into the blue barrels Red-tail has placed along the trail. The barrels will be periodically emptied by Red-tail staff.

This is a Do-It-Yourself habitat restoration volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule while also protecting wildlife habitat.

Garlic Mustard is a highly invasive and destructive weed. Its rapid early growth prevents our native plants from thriving by blocking vital sunlight and outcompeting them for moisture and nutrients. With a forest floor choked by plants that do not meet the needs of native wildlife, this single plant species can disrupt an entire ecosystem.

It takes persistence to fully eradicate garlic mustard. Anyone can join us in the rewarding work of pulling this disastrous weed before it seeds near the end of May.

Pictures and information on how to identify garlic mustard can be found HERE and is also taped to the barrels.


Start: April 25
End: May 13
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Organizer Name: Red-tail Land Conservancy
Phone: (765) 288-2587
Website: fortheland.org