Reddy’s chat with Olivia & Natalie

Reddy’s chat with Olivia & Natalie

Reddy Red-tail was soaring over a corn field the other day when he spotted two girls outside. Curious about what they were doing, he landed on a fence post and asked them a few questions. 

Reddy: Hi! I’m Reddy Red-tail. I was hunting for rabbits when I saw you two. What are you doing?

Olivia: Hi Reddy! I’m Olivia and this is my younger sister Natalie. We’re picking up leftover field corn for the farm animals behind our house. 

Reddy: Is picking up corn your favorite thing to do? Are there other reasons you come outside?

Natalie: It’s more fun to play outdoors because you can feel the sun on your body. You can be wild and discover new things like creatures that crawl, and ones you can pick up. You can listen to the birds and discover rocks. I like to help my Dad do landscaping or work in the vegetable garden. I like to pretend that I am an Explorer of birds and animals. 

Olivia: I love to play with Natalie and play on the swing set. I also love to discover new things and look for frogs and toads. I like that the animals are right there keeping me company. Natalie and I love to play school or summer camp. I love to play with the farm animals that live behind us. In the summer, I like to ride bikes and scooters. I like to run around and be myself. 

Natalie: I can go outside and be myself and I won’t get into trouble for being dirty. 

Reddy: I like those things too! We have a lot in common. Are there favorite places you like to play?

Olivia: My neighbors’ farm with the goats, because they are just a lot of fun to be around. 

Natalie: I like the backyard clubhouse, the farm animals that live behind our house, and the nature trail in the woods. 

Reddy: Those sound like exciting places. I love flying under a sunny sky and looking over the land. How do you feel about being outdoors?

Natalie: It makes me excited to be outside in a big open space, rather than confined inside the house. 

Olivia: It makes me feel like I am one with nature. When I am with the farm animals, I feel less stressed about everyday life. 

Reddy: Thanks for talking with me Olivia and Natalie, it makes me happy to know I have friends who are explorers. Stay curious and look for me in the sky!