Jake Gamble

Stewardship Manager
Jake Gamble

I was raised on the bank of the Tippecanoe River in Rochester, Indiana. It was inevitable for me to end up in land protection and preservation after spending most of my childhood outdoors building forts, swimming in the river, and riding my bike down country roads. I eventually attended Ball State University and graduated with a degree in Biology with concentrations in both Wildlife Biology and Field Botany.

During my time at BSU I worked for the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse where I saw astonishing natural wonders. Flowers with such unique form that only a single species could ever pollinate it; plants that occupy places in our world that are simply alien to the rest of us. This made me pay attention to the intricate and complex nature of the ecosystems around me. From this realization came the absolute need to protect, educate, and restore our native lands and their intricacies.

With my newfound passion, I moved to Bloomington, Indiana where I became an Interpretive Naturalist at Brown County State Park. While there I learned how to reach out to people and make them understand the importance of conservation while being the link between the nature that surrounded them and their understanding of it.

After a little more than a year, I was able to come back to the town of my alma mater and work for Red-Tail. I am beyond thrilled to be part of the community once again and in such an important way. I look forward to staying true to my core beliefs which align with the mission of Red-Tail and to expanding, developing, and growing my knowledge about the natural world.