Reddy Red-tail Explorers

Are you ready for Reddy? As an Explorer, you can use the our play ideas, nature learning tools, coloring pages and more to discover the woods and your backyard.

Wildlife Warriors

Wildlife Warriors is a year-long nature club for kids. Monthly topics include, climate change, native wildlife, survival in the outdoors, nature photography, water resources, and forest ecology. We talk about environmental issues with hands-on conservation work in the community.

Indiana Master Naturalists

Master Naturalist is a state-level certification for adult learners that will deepen your knowledge of and connection with nature. Hands-on field work with natural resource specialists will familiarize you with nature in a new way!

Red-tail Nature Journal

‘Tis the Season to Celebrate Bats!

‘Tis the Season to Celebrate Bats!

Ghoulish decorations may be the symbol of the season, but it’s the bat who should be the headliner for this holiday. Without bats, chocolate candy, pumpkins, and apple cider would be in short supply...

Clouds Reflect the Weather and Our Imagination

Clouds Reflect the Weather and Our Imagination

Clouds are an ever-present source of interest and entertainment. Not only do they inspire songs, stories, paintings, and pictures; they also help us predict weather patterns and plan for outdoor activities. So, what exactly is a cloud?...