Announcing: Valena Woods

Red-tail Land Conservancy is pleased to announce the purchase of 46 acres along White River just west of Yorktown, Indiana, to be named Valena Woods. This riparian woodlands is the fourteenth nature preserve owned by Red-tail. Also, we have recorded nineteen conservation easements, for a total of 2,672 acres permanently protected.

Sometimes, land acquisition projects can take over a decade to complete. Valena Woods is one such project. I have been discussing the permanent protection of their land with Drs. Jose and Lynn Valena since 2005. They understood the value of maintaining habitat and farmland for future generations, however the time was never quite right for them to move forward on the project.

While we discussed the permanent protection of their farm south of Hwy 32 just west of Yorktown, of particular interest to Red-tail was the 46 acres along White River. Natural areas along our waterways are the highest priority land to be permanently preserved by Red-tail. Our rivers and streams serve as corridors through which native flora and fauna can move and diversify the gene pool. Red-tail now protects natural areas along a total of ten miles of these vital corridors.

We are grateful for community-wide support for our land trust. The foundations, corporations, families, and individuals through their generous donations and guidance have enabled us to continue accomplishing our mission, which is to preserve, protect, and restore natural areas and farmland in east central Indiana while increasing awareness of our natural heritage.