A Red-tail Summer – A reflection video by Kaija Aikman

I’m Kaija Aikman, a Senior at Kentucky State University studying Environmental Science. I love all things outdoors, especially hiking and landscape photography. I’ve travelled all over the United States to visit State and National Parks, from Florida to Wyoming, and one day, I hope to trek my way from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.

I am beginning my final year of undergraduate this year and am planning to go on to Graduate school next year. My end goal is to make environmentalism understandable and practicable for everyone. I want to help people understand that this land is not infinite or indestructible, to understand the importance of their actions and what they can do to make the land a better place. I believe that if we want to see change, we must be the change. If the education and understanding is there, the change will follow.

Once I’m done saving the planet (haha), I think I’ll end up as a park ranger in Medicine Bow National Park, hanging out in the snow capped mountains and photographing wildlife everyday. “Working at Red-Tail this summer has been an amazing and fulfilling opportunity. I’ve learned so much and feel even more confident in my desire to make a positive impact on the land we live on.”